The Hatching

The Hatching is a top down action game where you play as a monster from a monster movie… a giant crocodile. In a twist of fate, you are set loose in the English countryside. Driven by your survival instincts and a never-ending hunger you will go on a rampage of blood and mayhem, fighting off anything you consider a threat or food. How do you survive in a strange land where everyone and everything wants to kill you? By killing them first!

The Hatching blends cunning stealth with hack & slash combat and gruesome violence. Claw your way through countless enemies, eat them to regain health and keep your bloodlust high so you can survive just a moment longer. Your instincts are clear… to live, you must… Kill. Eat. Repeat.



19th November 2017

Reboot Infogamer reveal

We're finally ready to unveil the game to a bigger audience. Come check us out at this week's Reboot Infogamer and check out the new teaser trailer!

13th April 2017

Hatching soon!

Hello World! Welcome to the website for the Hatching video game. We'll have more stuff up soon! If you are interested in a sneak peek of our game then come check us out at Reboot Develop next week!